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The Composition

It was ran by monsters

Luckily these are very nice monsters who love journalism.

The Composition

Journalistic integrity is the fundamental principle that guides ethical journalists in their work. It is the commitment to truth, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability in the reporting of news and information.

Journalistic integrity is important because it helps to ensure that the public receives accurate and reliable information. This is essential for a healthy democracy, as the media plays a crucial role in informing the public and holding those in power accountable.

Our Core Beliefs

Be Nice

Monsters are always nice.

Be Fuzzy

Fuzzy monsters are easier to talk to.

Do Good

Journalism is supposed to do good.

Don't Eat Friend

It's hard for monsters but ...

Do You Want a Monster to Write for You?

Our monsters are the best journalists ever mainly because they are fuzzy and only do good.

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